Dedicated Software Lead

Having more than a decade of experience in the field of software engineering, I am sure that my entrance into your firm will only increase its overall performance as I can guide almost anyone to successfully code in the best possible way for any situation and am a great team lead.

Last Resume Update 1. januára 2015
Address New York


Intravest Soft
Lead Developer
feb 2008 - Current

Led a team of up to 35 people on a task to create a software suite for a networking company that needed its log to be modernized and uploaded periodically. Was responsible for coming up with the fastest coding strategies to counter any opposition that we may experience from our competition regarding obtaining contracts. I, once, completely redid our website after one of the servers crashed and took all of the data with it.

Mowler Enterprises
Software Developer
júl 2004 - feb 2008

Worked mostly on business automation software as a part of an outsourced organization and created software that saw nationwide deployment at a number of high turnover companies. Was offered several positions at rival companies along with pay raises and additional benefits.


Garlon University
BS Computer Science
júl 2000 - apr 2004

Studied computer science and was involved in mostly C/C++ and learned to become a pioneer of Object Oriented Programming. Was involved with the most popular operating systems at the time, Unix and Assembly language. Developed several sorting algorithms during these years, some which I even use today.

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