Hardworking Front-End Developer

I have been involved with front-end development for the past five years and have become quite well-versed in the field. I can tailor your program exactly to the likes of the target audience and take cues from them using material such as surveys and beta programs.

Last Resume Update 1. januára 2015
Address Stamford
E-mail sarah.nole@example.com
Website http://example.com


Dante Informatics
Front-end Developer
okt 2009 - jún 2015

Was responsible for all of the front-end development for the outsourced work received by the company. There were cases where I had to work with the UI Designer to come up with the best and most optimized UI and also had to integrate it with the program so that no problems arose in the execution.


Restlean University
BS Computer Science
aug 2006 - jún 2009

Graduated with a CGPA of 3.16 with all the courses complete. Have worked on several projects including sample applications for specific applications such as a local database system that is fully controlled through GUI and with all errors handled that the user may commit while inputting data.

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