Innovative Content Architect

Being a dedicated content architect, I can come up with some of the best content in order to promote your product on its website. I will research your product, study its target audience and create a tailor-made piece that will make your product full of appeal to anyone who visits your website.

Last Resume Update 1. januára 2015
Address Paramus


Freelance Reporter
okt 2011 - Current

I have been a freelance reporter and have written for over a dozen different newspapers and magazines on all sorts of topics. Also, several websites have me registered as a content contributor and I write for these as well. Hence, my experience means that you can literally provide me with any writing task and I will be up to its standard.


Greshtare College
MA English Language
okt 2009 - Current

I have also completed my Masters in English Language from the same university. I have presented several of my works for publication during this degree both in local and foreign newspapers and magazines.

Greshtare College
BA English Language
okt 2006 - Current

I have a Bachelors degree in English Language and was one of the brightest students in my class. I was on scholarship during my entire study period as a result of my excellent academic progress. I majored in report writing and was a part of several societies for which I was the exclusive event reporter. These experiences, along with my studies meant that I was already well known in the reporting circles at the time of my graduation without any official experience.

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